Information about this website and its Author,

Why another site about judo?
Honestly, because I can! Internet is an amazing medium that is used by so many people. Sharing knowledge was the main purpose for creating the internet and let’s face it; talking about judo is sharing knowledge!

What to find here?
Most information on is related to teaching judo. It shows information on how to teach, what to teach and it gives you some tools that can help you as a teacher. None of the teaching methods is binding but they might inspire you while teaching the most exciting sport in the word: Judo. At least, that’s my opinion.  Feel free to adjust any mentioned exercise or game etc. to your own needs. Even better, give me some feedback and tell me what you improved!

Use of information.
Use the information on this site as an inspiration to your own teaching and feel free not to follow the instructions to the letter.

Spam mail, non-relevant information etc. inappropriate use of language, making others look bad etc.. Thanks, but no thanks!

Take note:
I take the liberty to add any  ideas and suggestion you send me, to the website. When I do so, i will make sure you’ll get the credit by mentioning your name.( unless you don’t appriciate.)

As webmaster and as a person, I try my best to keep the website organized and free of unwanted text and publications. However, in this digital world, full control of information is not always possible and therefore, I cannot take responsibility for all the publication on this website.


About Me

Mark Donners
Mark Donners
Name: Mark Donners
Level: 3e DAN Judo
Teaching license: Judoleraar A by Judobond Nederland
Club: Nippon Sport Heerlen.